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The Best Way to Refinish Hardwood Floors

For many years now, hardwood floors have been the popular choice for several establishments, offices and houses across America and beyond. It is not surprising though, as this type of flooring system is cheap, easy to assemble, sturdy and resilient, and it gives the room that classy “vintage” look on the surface.

Hardwood floors are the products of tried and tested techniques that have been used since time immemorial and were refined to suit the needs of the modern American citizen. This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using hardwood floors and where you can get help in case you need some assistance in its maintenance and preservation.

As mentioned earlier, the “classiness” is one of the reasons why hardwood became the choice for elegant floor materials, as it can give any dull and boring surface a more “dignified” look. That’s certainly a must if you’re trying to make your establishment appearing more endearing to your guests and your clients alike.

In addition, hardwood floors are often very comfortable to walk on and it doesn’t make as much noise or is as brittle as concrete or other wooden flooring materials.

Another advantage of using hardwood floors is its strength; that’s pretty evident from the name itself. Hardwood is typically one of the most resilient wooden floor materials available today and can endure decades of abuse compared to concrete floors.

With its natural and grainy texture, you typically have one of the most elegantly versatile materials for any flooring needs, that is if you are ready to endure the very complicated maintenance regime following its installation. Nothing in this world exists without its quirks after all.

One thing to note about these floors is that even if the floor can remain steadfast throughout the years, if it is not refinished properly and maintained regularly, the foundations and planks may be susceptible to rotting. If this is left unchecked for too long, the once “dignified” polish would deteriorate, thus making the floor fragile and old, almost looking hazardous to walk on.

Luckily for the people who are experiencing these problems, especially the ones living in Clifton, New Jersey, a team has been assembled to counter this imminent threat. They specialize in quality floor maintenance and can refinish hardwood floors quickly and efficiently. These are the elite flooring team company from New York.

They are not just contented to refinish hardwood floors alone. They also provide assistance in several types of floor installation. These includes vinyl, laminate, and of course hardwood.

Basically they’re the jack-of-all-trades in terms of flooring services. So whether you need help in maintaining the quality of your floor, hardwood or not, or you want to install a new type of floor, whether it’s for aesthetic or practical purposes, they’re the people to call.

So again, if you want to refinish hardwood floors and preserve their value for the coming years ahead, you have a helping hand in the form of a flooring team company from New York.

Riccar Vacuum Cleaners, the Best in America

Probably the best kept secret when it comes to cleaning floors is the Riccar vacuum cleaner. Manufactured in Middle America in St James Missouri the company makes some of the highest quality vacuums that money can buy. Unlike so many of its competitors that have shifted production overseas RICCAR makes a strong durable piece of cleaning equipment that is the best performing vacuum in the world. You will not find them in the big box stores like Target, Wal-Mart or Sears. The only place you can purchase them is through one of there authorized dealers. Most homeowners have never heard of Riccar vacuum cleaners.

Riccar vacuum cleaners are by no means cheap. Costing between $300 to $1000 they are not purchased by the average homeowner. However many people feel that they are a good investment into your home or office. A local vacuum cleaner store owner compares the Riccar to a Porsche automobile in terms of cost and features. The high performance motor and clean air bypass work with an all metal beater bar roller system to reach deep into the carpet lifting the dirt up and out. The motor is however very loud which also why the local vacuum cleaner dealer compares it to a high performance automobile. He further stated that a lady who loves her Riccar vacuum wears ear protection due to the vacuums loud noise. He also said the lightweight models were much loader than the heavier more expensive model. Riccar vacuums are also lighter in weight and very maneuverable making them perfect for small stature adults to use. The filter system on Riccar vacuum cleaners uses a bag system that really keeps the allergens and dust in the bag. Lets face it bag vacuums beat bag less vacuum when comes to keeping the air clean in your home. Many people feel buying bags is a problem but you can purchase Riccar bags online if you do not want to purchase them from you dealer.

Over all we felt the Riccar vacuum cleaners were too expensive for the average homeowner to purchase. We watched a demonstration of its cleaning power and were impressed on how it cleaned carpets. It is light weight and easy to push around and its bagged filtration system was excellent. However it is noisy and irritating to be around when it is running. We were told that the design that allows the vacuum to clean so well is reason it is so loud. Basically less air restriction means more powerful suction. Never the less it is still louder that we like. If you have carpets and can afford it the Riccar vacuum cleaners are just the ticket for getting them clean, just wear some ear protection while using them.

Tips For Buying The Best Vacuum Cleaner

A Riccar vacuum cleaner can be said as a quality, good appliance made in America. The consumer ratings always make them one of the best cleaners available in the market. For best cleaning, you should always opt for this particular machine, but you should always buy the one which is suitable to your needs. It does not matter what your requirements are, you will surely get one which will perfectly fit to your needs. There are certain tips that will help you in finding the right kind of cleaning equipment. The first important thing to notice is to determine how much floor area does your home have and what kind of flooring you have in your house. Normally, it is a fact that larger the space you will require a larger cleaner.

Selecting the right vacuum machine for right kind of flooring is very important. If you have tiled floors or the one made of hardwood, then you should opt for the machine that have bristles in it so that dust does not get blown away by the machine. The houses having hardwood floors need Riccar vacuum cleaner the most. There are different types of models from where you can choose from like Moonlight Compact, Sunbeam Subcompact, Pristine Midsize. The houses having a small floor space, should use the Sunbeam cleaner. On the contrary, the larger areas should use the Pristine or sunbeam models. Both of them come with HEPA filters.

The models named as 1800 and 1700 is works in a perfect manner as they use HEPA filter and a motor of 12 amp. Most of the cleaners of this particular brand come with floor selector, headlights, and powerful motors. But the most impressive thing is the total amount of metal used while constructing them. They come with metal wands, metal brushroll, and bottom plate made of metal and even you will find a metal chord hook.